Illustration CHRIS PROUT

Today’s desserts

Served with either cream, custard or ice cream £4.95

Cookies & cream cheesecake
A cookie universe of white & milk chocolate cream stared with Oreo chunks and showered with dark chocolate drizzle
Mascarpone & lemon curd cheesecake
Creamy zingy fresh mascarpone cheesecake topped with flaked almonds
Caramel Apple pie

Juicy apple laced with smooth rich custard & crumble topping in a short crust pastry base with caramel

Spotted Dick
Suet sponge packed with succulent currants
Treacle sponge
A moist sponge pudding covered in syrup sauce
Toffee crunch pie with Dime bar
A dark chocolate base filled with layers of smooth toffee, chocolate ganache and mousse, decorated with more chocolate ganache and pieces of Dime bar

Homemade Sticky Toffee pudding
A light date and coffee sponge topped with a toffee and pecan sauce
Homemade chocolate orange fudge cake
Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate fudge topped with chocolate orange ganache
Homemade Canary Pudding
A warm lemon sponge topped with a creamy lemon sauce

Homemade Triple Chocolate mousse Layers of white, milk and dark chocolate topped with chocolate shavings
Homemade Strawberry trifle
sponge fingers in strawberry jelly with fresh strawberries topped with custard, cream & chocolate shavings

Bailey’s crunchy ice
Vanilla ice cream with layers of toffee sauce and Cadburys crunchie, drizzled with Bailey’s Irish cream £5.65

Cheese & Biscuits Mature cheddar & stilton served with a selection of biscuits, Branston pickle & grapes £5.75
Ice cream vanilla, chocolate or strawberry £3.45
Lovington’s £3.9